Poorer now

I bought the land I talked about yesterday. I went to the bank to request the cashiers cheque and I thought it wouldn’t be ready till the next day, but it was ready in minutes, so I got the check, called the seller and we met at the Lands and Survey Department, and transferred the land. No bank, no loan, no real estate agent, no BS. It takes a couple of weeks for the documentation to go through and then I’ll have the certificate of ownership. I can use that as collateral to get a loan for construction or, I can sell my house in the US and use the money from that. But I’ll try to find other options too.
I don’t have too much in my bank account any more! But I’m happy and excited and I can’t wait for the paperwork!

0 thoughts on “Poorer now

  1. Good on you, mate. I do sympathise about the state of your bank balance, but I’m sure it’s going to be well worth it. Living that close to the ocean is truly living the lifestyle of choice. :o)

  2. Buy a yurt. They are relatively cheap and you can live in it while you build your house. At least that is what I am going to do. And how can you resisit a company called http://www.yurts-r-us.com/“Yurts-R-Us” that’s funny (at least to me it is)

  3. congratulations!you’ll officially own a piece of the rock! and don’t sweat the bank account too much- the value will do nothing but go up so you still have the money, it’ll just take more than a few minutes to get if you need it. seriously i am SO jealous. i think lisa and i saw that same new cul-de-sac while we were there in march and started daydreaming.p.s. north of hell might make a good future blog name