Cold Feet

Well, Today’s the day I take the money out of the bank for my house lot. I have cold feet. I’ve been saving a long time and I just got nervous last night! I think that Friday will be the day I close on the property. I always feel like this when I’m getting ready to spend a lot of money!

See the yellow rectangle? that’s it!
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It’s a quarter mile from the sea.

0 thoughts on “Cold Feet

  1. I wish I was buying a lo t so close to the ocean! Sometimes I think I’d rather have a tent on an empty lot in a place like that than the home I have here. You’re living the good life, dude!

  2. I hope you remembered to buy the lot next door for ME! If not, it’s ok, but get on it right away. I am a great neighbor.

  3. Ha Jona! that’s funny! They don’t make it any more! Except volcanos!Robb, you ought to move!Yes Jeff, that’s Cobalt Coast, that puts me about .55 miles north of HELL!Kelli, How’d you know when my birthday is?Ya know Cindy, I tried, but the bank account went dry first! It would be great to have you as a neighbor!