Proof Of Human Existence

While out snorkeling the other day, I was trying to prove the existence of the human race.
Nothing here at ‘The Pinnacle
Swarm of attack fish coming right at me!
Whew! They’re not so bad..Finally, just when I was starting to have my doubts about the very existence of the human race, I found irrefutable proof!
Proof of Human Existence!

7 thoughts on “Proof Of Human Existence

  1. I love the underwater shots. The pretty yellow fish are my favorite. They're all great however!! Must be peaceful underwater, it sure is pretty! nice job! …debbie

  2. Yeah, pretty. Pretty funny post too…. but how do you know just by looking at that garbage thatit isn't just the remnants of a highly advanced, very, very evolved, fish race?

  3. Thanks Debbie! You should come down for a visit sometime!Bull, I won't really call the bucket o' concrete garbage, because its not a contaminant, and it was put in the water for a reason, as an anchor, ergo not placed there by a highly advanced, very, very evolved, fish race.

  4. LOL… well done on proving that!You just reminded me that I would like to get an underwater camera for next summer!

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