Pura Vida

Today is Costa Rica independence day. 190 years since they claimed their independence from Spain. My wife picked todays T-Shirt for me!
I’m trying the new Blogger interface. Not too sure I like it, but it’s been a whole 30 seconds.
Where’s my colored squares? Everything is white. Where’s my ‘Edit HTML’?
It looks like WordPress.

UPDATE: The new interface would not work with Networked Blogs, so I’m re posting this post and deleting the original

3 thoughts on “Pura Vida

  1. I didn't like the new interface, either. What are they thinking. Cocoa…you're kidding right? Yes, cocoa trees as in chocolate. I'm not sure about the terrain where you live but, cocoa like shade and grow well in the mountains around other trees. You can always try a tree and see what happens. Feliz 15!

  2. Happy independence day!I'm deligthed to hear you've been able to touch one of the ferals – way to go!!I was touched to hear what you did for Mir – I hope he'll find a loving home with owners who can care for him in the right way.

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