The Long Walk

I just finished a book called “The Long Walk” by Stephen King. It’s about this game show, once a year where 100 people start walking at at least 4 miles per hour, if they slow down, they get 3 warnings, then POW! They get shot dead. They have to keep walking till there’s only one left and he’s the winner of the game show.

Yesterday I did my own version of the Long Walk. I took my scooter in for some repairs and had the repair place’s courtesy shuttle drop me off at the grocery store, where I had an egg sandwich. Then I crossed the street to the beach and walked all the way up 7 Mile Beach to the end, got on the road, and walked the rest of the way home. Below is a Google Earth view of where I walked, starting at the bottom and ending at the top. Of course, I didn’t do the beeline course the yellow line shows, I curved along the shore and roads, about 3 hours solid walking. In the book, the long walk ended on the 5th day. Below are some pics I took on MY long walk!

Beach view
Study in sun dried wood.

Boats on the water

A mermaid with nice boobies

Panorama View of an old salt water swimming from a long gone hotel

3 thoughts on “The Long Walk

  1. While I never read a Stephen King book, did see a movie or two on the tv. Not sure I'm a fan. In any case, I wondered about the line on the map and thought perhaps you walked with a kayak under your arm…until you explained the line. Is that the whole of your island? And, I thought Grenada was small. Nice photos, though!

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