Did you ever see the movie Rain Man? I’m kind of like that guy. Maybe I’m a little bit autistic.
I have a pretty set routine, and when anything upsets my routine, I get a little uncomfortable. Today I’m going to work, and I’m taking a suitcase with me to go straight from work to the airport to go to see the OI Girl. Tomorrow we’re both coming back here. I’ll only be gone one day, but I feel it’s forever or something. Not really nervous or afraid, but some way I don’t have a word for. I kind of feel this anytime something upsets my routine.

Went diving yesterday, it was great. I was going with my regular dive buddy, and we got into the water and he had technical dificulties with his unit. So we got out and he left and I ended up going with some open circuit divers. There was this fish. I was following him. He would swim 2 or 3 strokes and turn around and look at me, yep, still following. So 2 or 3 more strokes and he’d turn and look to see if I was stilll there. I was able to anticipate his movements and take pictures of him when he turned. (you know that annoying half second delay with digital cameras that makes you always miss the shot?) Well, I pushed the button, rekkoning he’s ready to turn and the fish dives down and gets some type of worm or garden eel and eats it. I got a pic. It looks like he’s eating a piece of spaghetti! He eats the sand and everything and lets the sand fall out through his gills.
The first pic is the original and the second has been cropped and enhanced.

(click to enlarge)

Well, I gotta go, Wopner at 8!

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  1. I bet you’re an excellent driver too! The dive sounded fun, cool fish!I am weird about going away. I have separation anxiety. I am sure my house is going to burn down and that the one or both of the cats will be dead when I get back. Once I’m on the road I’m o.k. For me it’s just getting out the door!

  2. Wow, that is so weird to read about you diving knowing you are beach bound while we are still snowy. Why did I choose a Northern climate again?I know JUST what you mean about having your routine changed. I’m an excellent driver.

  3. cool picture, WOW!!! I hope you have a great trip. I have been very anal retentive most of my life. I have finally start letting it go. You’ve got to take care of your stress before it takes care of you.

  4. Totally relate. I keep meaning to blog a list about some of the many things I have pet peeves/am anal about. ;)I also relate about the not blogging enough, but still wanting “attention” from other bloggers! 😉 But you still post much more often than me!

  5. I didn’t get your flag, but thank you for trying. Must mean your ISP is in another country. Bummer. I so want the flag!!! Know anyone with a Cayman ISP? Again, thank you! 🙂