This morning

This morning I’m getting ready to do a dive around noon. A shallow long one.
Monday (tomorrow) afternoon I’m headed to see the OI girl, for her works Xmas party. Then Tuesday we’re both coming back here for my works xmas party.
A few times she’s seen the crabby side of me. I am coming to realize that my irratability comes from lack of assertiveness. For example, she wants to talk on the phone for (it seems like) hours and hours. I don’t like talking on the phone. But do I say anything? No, I just get grouchy.
When I see her I have to try to explain this to her in a nice way.
I don’t feel much like writing here lately. Hopefully it will pass and when there’s not so much going on I’ll be back up to full speed. I feel guilty writing and hoping for comments when I’m not visiting and leaving them.
Ciao for today!

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  1. A little advice from a woman’s point of view. Tell her that you don’t have a long attention span on the phone and that you love her very much but maybe shorter calls more often would be better. This way she feels like she is in touch with you and the shorter calls won’t leave you falling asleep on the phone. Most people that like to talk for long periods are just lonely and really missing the person they are talking to. About visiting, I miss your visits but I completely understand. Stop by when you can and you know I’ll be visiting you.

  2. I think men often times have trouble expressing themselves with words for the fear of hurting someone. If you don’t feel like talking just say so. Geesh! I hated having to figure out what my boyfriend was trying to say to me by reading between the lines. I need straight forward talk, but that’s just me. Hope you are feeling better soon…go diving more!

  3. I’m not very assertive either, and I KNOW it increases my irritability. I work in an office where we’re all crammed into cubicles. The man next to me has his radio right against the “wall” we share (which is really only fabric I think) and I can’t stand it. But do I say anything? No, I just grind my teeth and get grumpier as the day goes on. It’s not just him, though – I do that with a lot of things. It may sound silly for me to give you advice considering I’m the same way, but: The longer you let it go on, the harder it is to ever, ever say anything about it. And then IF and when you do… they’re gonna wonder why you let them go on doing something they didn’t know irritated you.