Religion vs. Spirituality

To me, the important thing is spirituality. Spirituality is much different than religion. Spirituality is contact with God as one understands God. I think no human can fully comprehend God. We can only be aware of and try to improve our understanding of God. I think religion is someone saying “God told me to tell you this, and you have to believe it above all else”. The person (or group) telling us what we must believe may or may not have any spirituality or contact with God themselves, they may merely be reciting an interpertation of what they were told!

I think that most organized religions are extremely poor sources for spirituality. I think it is good to question what we have been told ever since we were born.

A persons sense of “Something Greater” or a “Higher Power” is their connection with God. I believe all humans are hardwired with a direct connection with God, but they can easily become unaware of this connection and not so easily find it. I think a lot of people are unaware of this connection, especially hardcore religious people, trying to force their beliefs upon others.

I do not claim to know any more than anyone else, I am speaking from my experience and what I have learned.

Also, I am using the word God for lack of a better word. One can use any word one wants. God is what I call the creator of the universe.

Science compliments spirituality. Both seek the absolute truth. The purpose of science is to find the one physical law that governs the entire universe. Nowadays, science has many laws, some are contradictory, and therefore cannot all be true. I think that if humanity exists long enough, they will find that this one absolute law of physics and God are the same thing. Humanity may end before we figure it out. All we can do is continue as best we can, and not take ourselves so seriously.

It seems to me that the worlds religious leaders (for the most part) want to keep you away from science. They may deny it, and tell you to procede, but when you contradict their teachings they will discourage you from further pursuits. They want you to only believe what they tell you. They threaten you with grave consequences if you fail to comply. They don’t sem to care about the truth, they only seem to care about ensuring you believe what they believe. Many of them do believe what they say bacause they have been told the same thing over and over since they were infants by people who were told the same thing since THEY were infants. They do not know any better.

When a person accepts something as true, they tend to quit looking further, their mind closes. If this so called truth is in fact not true, they will seldom become aware of it. They believe unquestioningly, which to me is the most dangerous thing on earth.

A closed mind thinks it’s open and an open mind suspects it may be closed.

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  1. Religion is a hard lesson to learn. It can leave you feeling very bitter if you’ve lived your life for it feeling like you were doing the right thing because that is what the church said you should do. I agree with your idea of spirituality.