Ruff Weekend

New Storm Coming?

i had kind of a rough weekend my lawnmower shot an almost golf ball size rock into my ankle and I feel lucky I can walk. It filled my shoe up with blood before I could even bandage it. Then I hit a root and bent the mower blade 90 degrees. So I didn’t even finish mowing the yard.

my jury duty, for which I was placed on the jury September 21st, still hasn’t started. My service was due to end on the 4th Tomorrow is Yom Kippur, and it looks like I will be missing services. I thought, on the 21st, that the 3 day case would easily be over by the end of my term.

last night, from about 2AM, I had the recurring dream that I had slept through the alarm and was late. I kept waking up and looking at the clock and immediately feel like I slept through the alarm.

my attitude, at this minute, is pretty frustrated. I don’t want to go to work I don’t want to go to jury duty I don’t want to do anything but bitch and moan.

have a wonderful week.

One thought on “Ruff Weekend

  1. At about 10:30 this morning, I was told the case no longer required a jury. I am done with jury duty, for at least the next two years. I feel no relief or gratitude, the entire experience has been one of frustration and humiliation.

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