Saturday success

It’s Saturday morning, and I’m getting ready for work. I’ll be working from about 9:30 till about 5PM today.
The extermintor came yesterday. I haven’t found any live bugs since. I got this wicked tick treatment for dogs. The warning label says it may cause permanent eye damage, fatal if swallowed, user must wear safety goggles and, long pants, long sleeved shirt, elbow length rubber gloves, rubber aporon and un-lined rubber boots. I was wondering if it is even safe to use for dogs. But I did it, flip flops and sunglasses, short pants and a t-shirt. And yellow dishwashing gloves. I took him out by the street in the breeze, covered his head with a towel, and sprayed him from the neck down with a spray bottle of the stuff. (You should smell it! EWWW!) Then I put some on the towel and dabbed it on his head, not too much. Then guarded him while he dried, stopping him from licking himself.
This morning I combed him witha flea comb and got a few ticks, all dead and dried up looking. And the dog seems OK, health-wise.
Seems like a successful exterminator trip to me.

Tomorrow is the big day, Hopefully I’ll wake up, go to the beach and that’ll be it for me. On Sunday the OI girl is coming.

0 thoughts on “Saturday success

  1. I would have been scared to put that crap on my dog! I understand brewers yeast is good for getting rid of fleas anyway. You put it in the dogs food, then the fleas don’t like the taste when they bite.Have a most Happy Christmas! I would love to spend the day at the beach. That would be perfect!

  2. I do drop into your blog regularly, but I don’t always comment. One of those things.Anyway, Happy Christmas. I hope that you have a great time, whatever you do.