Twas a good day

Saturday evening (last night) I went to the emergency room because the pain in my side was getting worse and worse. They X-rayed and found nothing wrong and gave me some painkillers. Last night was the first time I could sleep in several days. I slept a lot today. I said OI Girl was coming Sunday, but I had my days mixed up. She’s coming tomorrow, which is Monday (it feels like Sunday to me since I worked all day yesterday)
Here, tomorrow is the holiday for Xmas, Tuesday is Boxing Day holiday, I have Wednesday off. (I bet my boss calls at least twice), then back to work Thursday. I’m already working New Years Eve…
I hope everyone had a good Xmas

0 thoughts on “Twas a good day

  1. Glad you went to the doc, (sorry for the cliche’ but) better safe than sorry! Even more glad you’re okay and are sleeping better!

  2. Sorry you had to go to the Er but I am glad you saw a doctor. Take it easy and enjoy your day off with rest. I hope you and the Ol Girl have a great holiday together. Yeah for the Redskins. I can get behind them this season. My team the Titans suck. Enough said.What is up with the word verifications. They are 400 letters long.

  3. I’m glad you saw a doctor. Hope things get better. Have a good time with OI girl! Hey, I’m thinking about coming to the Caymans. I need help choosing a place. Will you email me? Not sure if your email is working or not!