Screen House Garden

Above are yesterdays pictures of the plants in the “Screen House”. Top left are some giveaway plants. They are really nice as when it rains, they hold a drop of water in their petals like a jewel. They grow well under almost all conditions and turn red after time in the sun. Top right is a wide angle shot that shows almost everything going on inside the Screen House.

Bottom left are radishes, beans and broccoli. I think they’re growing too slow, probably not enough light. Bottom right is cherry tomatoes and cucumbers. They seem healthy, but are holding steady and not growing much. Maybe not enough light. There’s a huge poinciana tree there that I wish I had planted at the side of the yard instead of the center. I trimmed it back I thought too far but it comes back thicker and thicker.

Dodged the bullet again on jury duty yesterday. I saved my own butt. I don’t have to report again until next week.

Aaaaand its almost FRIDAY!!


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