caterpillars again

Last year I had caterpillars eating my tree. I got special spray to kill them.

This year they come back again, but I just let them eat all the leaves on the tree. I figured if the tree died, I didn’t really like that tree / bush anyway. But, the caterpillars ate all the leaves. Nowthe caterpillars are gone and the leaves have come back.

It jjust goes to show, let Mother Nature run her course.

Happy Hump Day!

Mondays Photos

It seems almost typical that I post the weekend’s diving photos on Monday mornings. Above are shots from Eden Rock.

I pplanted some new banana plants this weekend, and a month or two I planted peppers. Someone said I should store my seeds in the refrigerator crisper. We’ll, I planted six plants and only one has come up. Not sure the fridge is the proper place to store seeds.

Busy wweek Coming up. Hope you have a good-un!

Pineapple Pi Day

I have four pineapples growing in my yard. Below, you can see 3 of them.

Can you see all 3? They’re there!

Happy Pi day! 3.14. i got out of the Navy March 14 1985. Went in March 15 1979. Long time ago!

it rained last night! I was awake for my 2:30 insomnia session and it rained good for about 15 minutes. Puddles on the road this morning. The plants needed it a lot. Tap water just doesn’t do the trick like rain.

Have an excellent day!

Dec 7th

A day that will live in infamy.. Two years ago, Manrique, my father in law and best friend died. In my mind, this event, somehow was the catalyst that precipitated my divorce.

I’m not going to go into how I’m still fucked up from it.

In other news, my poor poor lemon tree is under attack again, this time by beautiful green caterpillars.

I plucked almost a dozen off the plant and flushed them down the toilet. Today comes the caterpillar killing spray.

ANd, today is my Friday and I’m glad about that

I Can Now Sit Down

It is 6:48. I got up at 4:55. I just now got to the point where my morning routine is done and I can finally sit down with my coffee. In 9 minutes, I have to leave for work. I have a pretty intensive morning routine. Feed dogs and cats, water plants. Walk dogs, exercise, shower shave and things like that.

its pretty good. It’s a nice morning this morning. Perfect temperature. Yesterday was better though, a little more breeze. This morning, the moon was half covered by clouds, all morning till it set. It was like the clouds didn’t move, for an hour.

Have a good Tuesday!

Pleasant Good Morning To You

New Stove.

I have not yet taken a sip from my first cup of coffee from the new stove. I imagine it will be much the same.

Pleasant good morning to you, happy Friday. I had a good sleep last night.

some people from the department of agriculture came over yesterday and evaluated my “farm”. I learned that the lemon tree in the yard is actually a Suriname Cherry, and not a lemon at all.

And my lemon tree that has been dying for a year has. A plethora of problems. I looked many times and saw nothing, but the Department Of Agriculture people showed me well camouflaged caterpillars, eggs, these weird flies and now that I’ve seen them I can see them, but before that they were invisible.

Happy Friday and have a good weekend!

Queens Funeral Day

Today is the holiday for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. I watched lot of it, till they put the casket in the hearse.

it was a good, busy weekend. Saturday was the first session of four session Home Gardening Course. It was good and informative.

yesterday i went to an 0700 yoga class at One Heart then diving,

pike blenny

In the afternoon I went out on a boat trip to Stingray City.. My stingray pictures are still on the camera, but here’s the sunset

Had a big beef sausage and egg breakfast this morning and not i’ll probably putz around the yard today.

Plant Die-Off

This last week has not been a good one for a lot of my plants. I think I lost all 9 of my tomato plants. They were holding on, barely growing it all. Then in the last week, they just wilted up and died I don’t think any plants in the screen House gets enough light. I wish I had put it where I knew it should be instead of where the ex wife wanted it.

I have a fern that has been struggling that seems to be ready to kick the bucket. Lettuce has quit producing leaves and is making seed. Beets never did well.

I have a lemon tree that has been dying for years. I’ve tried everything to save it .

it hurts to see the plants suffer, decline and die. I have a lot that are doing really well though. Most.

Made it out yesterday without being on a jury. I got selected, but got released because I had a note from the court excusing me one day for a dental appointment. Yeay!

Have a great day!

Cactus Repot


This weekend I repotted a giant cactus that I have disliked for quite a long time. I the top picture, it is in the cube pot, almost as tall as me. In the “After” picture, well, that pot is about 4 inches on each side and the cactus is as big as my thumb.

Last night, I dreamed this while day through. I already went to work, forgot about jury duty and talked to the boss. I also went scuba diving and got stuck in a hole whilst trying to get a good shot of a banded shrimp. All last night in my dreams.

i tried to mow the lawn this weekend, and ended up taking the mower to he Repair Shop. It’s ridiculous. The mower dies because short, dry grass is too much load for it 3 feet and restart 3 feet and restart. Very annoying.

Im off to work now. (Although I’ve already been there, done that). Have a good day!