Cooking Weekend

Friday I made meatloaf . It was pretty good. Saturday I made tuna casserole except I used salmon instead of tuna. It was OK, except there were salmon vertebra in the canned salmon.. Somewhat unpleasant. I wouldn’t give it to anyone. Sunday I made a $35 brisket. All pre seasoned ready to go in the oven. It is so spicy I ate about two bites. I’m taking it for lunch today, but I’ll probably end up throwing the whole thing out.

Speaking of throwing things out, last Friday I bought new dog beds. Daisy already ate one. $90 I might as well have thrown away. She ate the last two too

It was a good weekend anyway . The sea yesterday was spectacular. No horizon. The boats were floating on nothingness.

I also trimmed the hedges and mowed the yard.

And now it’s Monday, and Canadian Thanksgiving. If my lunch is too foul I can go get a big turkey dinner!

Have a great week!

Premier Papaya!

I’m getting my first papaya on one of the trees i planted! It’s not even the biggest tree! I like papaya, if they’re sweet, sometimes they’re kinda bland. Papaya makes good smoothies too and once the tree starts producing, they more or less continue producing.

I’m excited!

Jamaica Apples Again

It looks like my tree is going to get batch 2 of Jamaica Apples! And it’s looking like a much much bigger crop than last time!

Its Wednesday, the week is going slow…

Have a good day!

First Full Week

it’s the first full week of 2023. Five full days of working bliss! Hooo RAY!

Above is the first harvest from my Otaheite apple tree. 1 lb, 14 oz. I haven’t eaten one yet. I feel like I should give some to my ex-wife, she started the tree from a seed.

Next weekend is a half mile swim on Saturday and the 5K Dog Walk/Run on Sunday. I haven’t been training for either. Both are do-able without training for me, but I definitely want to get out and swim a few times this week I’ll swim to swim and walk the run.

Have a fantastic week!

Busy busy weekend

it was a very busy weekend. Friday afternoon I picked all my “crops” and am starting the garden all over again. I have a handful of carrots and radishes. Saturday I finished the Home Gardening Course in the morning and then went to the Veterans Ball in the evening. Sunday, operating on too little sleep, did a 90 minute yoga class and then went diving. When I got home, I mowed the lawn. The mower has a new blade on it and ran perfectly. I was able to mow the whole yard in a short time, because the mower didn’t die every 3rd step. It wasn’t bad at all.

And now it’s Monday and headed back to work.

Standard Weekend

It was a good weekend. Friday I was off work. I helped our Rabbi build a Sukkah for Sukkot. Saturday was my third of four Home Gardening Course sessions and Sunday I had friends and their puppy over for dawgie play day and burgers on the grill. My house is nice and clean right now. A true rarity.

All of a sudden, some of the girls at the yoga place want to hook me up with their single friends. This is exciting but also makes me a little nervous. On one hand, I’d feel better finding my own girl, on the other they might do better than I would. Also I ask myself if I’m ready. I guess I’m ready to start at the beginning, not jump in the deep end.

Anyway, most of the things I worry about never happen, so ..

Have a good week!

International Taco Day 2022

Yeah! International Taco Day again! I hope you get to enjoy many many tacos today!

I’m glad today that jury duty is over. I was in a funk yesterday. The world is a much better place today.

i had a small harvest from the garden yesterday afternoon.

i just washed them and ate them. That carrot is about 3 inches long! Huge.

And I’m off to work. Have a great day!


Tropical Storm Fiona is born. She’s probably going to curve north of Cayman.

There was good, steady rain last night and this morning.

King Charles already disgusted me, he said everybody has to delay the funerals on September 19th until after the Queen’s funeral so we could all mourn the Queen properly. I have a friend from here who was getting buried there on the 19th.

And Friday is almost here again. Yeay! This weekend my Home Gardening course starts.

Have a good day, unless you’ve made other plans.

Radish Harvest 1

Yesterday afternoon I picked the above radishes. They look quite nice.

There’s a lot more, but they seem to be very small so far. Hopefully they’ll grow.

The green part of my carrots are getting tall, but I pulled one and the carrot was about an inch long…

Although its fun, my yields aren’t what I had hoped.The lettuce was very good for a very short period of time before going to seed and turning bitter. I’ll be planting more this weekend.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!