It’s another nice morning. It was nice yesterday except for a noon thunderstorm and an afterwork thunderstorm. Both the times I would have gone to the beach.
I am alternately bummed out and elated about ending my job. It is definitely illegal, giving it to who they gave it to. Hope I don’t regret not playing hardball with them. Hope I don’t regret going quietly. Yesterday my boss gave me a major installation to do before I left. But it’s “hand over week”, where I hand the reins to my replacement. So I “handed over” the job over to him.
Anyway, I have been hearing there are seahorses at Don Fosters Dive Center, maybe I’ll head over there at lunchtime and confirm they don’t exist. I’ve never seen one, and am aware of the worldwide conspiracy to make me believe these mythical creatures are real. And I know you’re in on it too.

A dude on a seahorse

0 thoughts on “Seahorses

  1. All I have to say about your boss giving you a big job to start, knowing that you'll be leaving, is that he is full of shit. What an A-Hole. People like that should be locked up. Idiot.Regarding the Sea Horses. I love them. I thought they lived deep in the sea. I have no basis of knowledge on the subject…it's just my perception all these years I guess. I hope you find some, I'd love to see some photos….debbie

  2. We have a place called Seahorse World here in Tasmania…it is extremely interesting. They have seahorses at all life stages in tanks and breed them etc….you would love it. I have always wanted to get a couple in a fishtank for home…I think they are fasinating. We have them in the petshops here but I have heard they are hard to look after and die easily….