Having a hard time posting this morning. Feel great, went to the movies last night. Just can’t think of anyting to post. I was going to post about this website, Earthview. It is a simple web site that shows you where it’s light and where it’s dark on Earth. And you can click on the map (On the website, not on the image on my blog) and it zooms in to that area. And there’s lots of other features. A really cool webpage that has been in my sidebar forever.
But I don’t want to post about that. I can’t think of anything else to post. Next Tuesday is my last day at work. This minute I am happy about that, but it swings around, as I have no doubt mentioned. Several times. Every day I bring home a little bit of my stuff from work. Yesterday was a pillow, a bag of empty bags, and my humidor. I need to bring my coffee pot, fridge, and a box of stuff like toothpaste and deodorant and stuff. And my soldering station. I already brought home most of my tools except a little mini tool bag I made up.
But that’s about it. It is looking like a nice day. Hot. Sunny. We could use a little more breeze, but you can get in the sea and cool off. If you’re not working.
Anyway, I still can’t think of anything to post, so guess I’ll just shut-er-down fer now.
See ya tomorrow

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  1. I played around on Earthview for about 10 minutes. Kinda neat. Am sorry your work will be ending soon. Perhaps something will come along that you will really enjoy. Hope so. Keep your chin up!!…debbie