Self discipline

It’s a nice day here, I haven’t been studying like I should. I’m kind of stumped by a part in the book I think is wrong. I’ve been going back and trying to see it their way, but I just can’t.
Basically they (I think) have some of their scientific notation wrong. They say 100,000,000,000 is 10 to the 11th power. I say it is 1 to the 11th power, or 10 to the 10th power.
And in this chapter, they have several errors like this, plus several where I agree with their figures. But it’s had me bothered, and I use it as an excuse to slack off. I look at it, say “no, that’s wrong” try to figure out why I’m wrong, then quit and go to the beach or something. Then come back later and do the same thing. I need to resolve the issue. Today.
I’m working at 10 AM.

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