It's Monday!

Yippie! I am so happy that ‘ol nasty weekend is gone and I can get back to work! None of that scuba diving and laying around on the beach for me! I think they should eliminate the weekend and we could work right through!

This is the opposite of how I feel. Just so ya know.

I had a good weekend, although we’ve been having rainy afternoons. And I worked Saturday, 10-to-1, which really kills the day. Sunday I went diving and took some pictures. This week at work there is training for the on-air persons (I think I mentioned this already) I may get to sit in on some of it. Then I’ll maybe be better on-air. I went diving with the lady who is giving the training. She is a very interesting person, good scuba diver, well traveled and it was nice diving with her.
One guy on the dive ran out of air and was going to go up and miss his deco, but I handed him one of my bailout bottles. Frikking tankers! Us rebrether divers are always looking out for them!

I’m having internet troubles at home. I can’t connect to my wireless network, I have limited connectivity and I can’t map a network drive. Intermittent weird problems. It’s been giving me problems for a while and I will wait till I get annoyed enough before I do anything about it. Almost there.

Here’s some pics from yesterday, klick to enlarge
Ghost Mountain, see the little diver on the right?


The underside of a wall

A cleaner shrimp (purple) in coral hole with an anenomie. The shrimp is about as long as the last section of your little finger. Fish “pull up” like a car wash and these shrimp crawl all over them (even inside their mouths!) and clean them and get a free meal in the process!

A trumpetfish. Doesn’t he look sad? Poor ‘lil fella! He was hovering with his nose down, as they often do.

What you see at the end of the dive.

0 thoughts on “It's Monday!

  1. You had me worried until I saw where you said you felt the opposite of that. Ha ha.Those are really great pictures. It looks so peaceful down there.

  2. ghost mountain! my favorite!we could see the mooring ball from our porch(next to Pampered Ponies), but only got to dive it twice. it just bobbed out there constantly taunting us.

  3. Nice pictures, makes me want to get out for a dive.Hope the out of air diver has learnt from the incident (constantly monitor ones gauges), and good on you for donating your sidie for his deco.