Today, in one hour and 59 minutes, dawg groomers are coming to shave Sheba. She has very thick fur.A year or so ago, we purchased pet trimmers for Sheba and they took one bite of her fur and died. She’s got some thick fur.

She is constantly biting and scratching, and we’ve tried every flea remedy under the sun. Plus we don’t really find fleas on her, so we’re going to shorten her hair up a bit.

If you come back later, I’ll add an “After” photo to this post!

Below is a pic of the moon I took night before last. I posted it because it came out good and I like it. It was still pretty light when I took it.

AFTER: She looks like a shorn sheep!

4 thoughts on “Shebashave

  1. I'm sure Sheba will be thankful for shorter hair, although she looks like her hair is short. If you clip it too short it will grow back curlie. Moon shot is fantastic! …debbie

  2. She looks fine for her haircut… and i'm sure the itching will stop now!As for our puppy… yes were WERE going to keep one, the red boy, but I changed my mind. I can't have another boy dog in the house! I don't like 'humpy' boy dogs!Our resident boy Teddy is fixed.And that last puppy (Bruiser) is sold. He is leaving on Saturday.

  3. Bet Sheba feels a whole heap cooler and lighter. Really, who wants to wear a fur coat in the tropics :)And that moon photo…man! I'm jealous. I want to take a moon shot like that!

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