Smith Cove After Grace.

During lunch yesterday I stopped by Smith Cove. It was fairly devastated even after a clean up was started.

I also stopped by Dart Family Park. It had lost a lot of trees too but didn’t seem as bad as Smith Cove.

I remember hurricane Ivan seemed to actually improve Smith Cove. It washed sand up under all the big trees and cleared out the bush where people would throw litter and perves would hang out and leer. Smith Cove seemed like a much nicer and safer place after that. I don’t remember hurricane Ivan destroying so many trees, but there were no leaves left on anything. Hurricane Ivan’s signature was nothing green shall remain.

Today was my 2nd day of waking up at 4:55 instead of 4:20. I seem short on time this morning, obviously, it doesn’t seem to be unmanageable, so far. And it feels good to just sleep a little bit later. By the end of the week waking up at 4:20 I would consider going to the doctor to find out what was wrong with me. Not enough sleep!

Have a wonderful day!