Snot Monday

But it feels like it.
I’m at work and it’s morning, it seems like a long time, because I worked nights last week.
The OI Girl was supposed to be back today and now she’s not going to be. That makes me sad. I am ready to see her. Don’t be confused by my previous post.
Today there were six cruise ships in as I drove by this morning. Check out this link: Cruise Ship Webcams. It’s webcams on all the cruise ships. Today looks like a beautiful sunny day-to-be too. It would be a great day for a four-hour-lunchbreak split shift. May-beeeee!!
Last night was an Astronomical Society meeting. It was good. I took my binoculars and put them on a tripod and people looked through them. They are good for wome things. Later in the evening, Saturn came up, and we could see it well through the big telescope. It was cool. Next month, Mercury will be visible after sundown.

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