Today is the shortest day and the longest night. I haven’t checked with precision, but the actual solstice accually occurs at about 1AM local time tonight (tomorrow) so tomorrow may be the shortest day. But I recognize the 21st as the solstice.
This morning on the dawg walk I saw the Crux and Centaurus. There’s not a cloud in the sky and it’s quite nice.
I’m super busy at work these past several days, always when I want to take it easy.

I hate yesterdays post and am thinking of deleting it.
Nah, I AM deleting it.
A baby with a cell flip phone on his weenie.
Cell Phone Danger.

0 thoughts on “Solstice

  1. I’m kind of excited about the Winter Solstice. Not excited like I am for the Summer Solstice but I’m just glad the days will be getting longer from here out. That makes me feel less like sticking my head in the oven. I could never live much further north where the nights are much longer. Ugh!!!