Space Junk

In the 50 plus years that humans have been exploring space, a lot of debris have accumulated in ordit.

Japan made a satellite that “fishes” like a net that is supposed to slow down this junk causing the orbit to decay, and burning up as it falls back to earth. However, there seems to be a problem with it, as Japan is unnsure whether the “net” has deployed. Read article HERE.

I read articles that say between half a million and a million pieces of space junk are orbiting the earth, with 20,000 said to be larger than a softball. Not sure what the significance of being softball sized is.

This space junk poses an ever-increasing risk to space exploration. 

It was very hard to wake up this morning, I was going to post about getting a good night sleep, but I think I’ve done that about a million times, plus, in the articles I read, there was nothing that I hadn’t read before.

Back to spacce junk: reading about this reminded me of the “island of plastic” that has accumulated, floating in the Pacific Ocean in kind of a dead spot in the Earth’s current and wind system. A topic for later.

Have a great day!