Worst Product Ever

I bought this exact product to repair a leak in my exhaust.What a waste of time and money. The package contained a foil envelope with what seemed to be a strip of wet tissue, a small piece of aluminum tape, and a tiny coil of wire. The instructions say  to wrap the wet tissue bandage (tightly) around the leak and hold in place with the wire. The aluminum tape (heat shield) is not mentioned in the instructions.

SO, I opened the foil bage with the bandage. It rips as I am unfolding it. It ripped repeatedly as I tried to wrap it around my exhaust pipe. Then I tried to secure the bits of wet tissue to the pipe with the wire, which was coiled like a spring.

I considered trying to wrap the whole mess up with the foil tape, but I didn’t think the adhesive would stick to the wet toilet paper “bandage”. Besides, there was no airtight seal with the bandage, the whole thing was a mess and a joke from the beginning. I took wire cutters and cut the wire off and removed all the wet tissue/toilet paper. Then I came upstairs and we had pizza for dinner. 

When I started typing this, it was raining pretty good, a cold rain. Good, we needed it.It’s not raining now though. 

Tomorrow’s FRIDAY!!! 

Have a good day.