Special High Intensity Training.

Sheba is in the S.H.I.T. That’s Special High Intensity Training. She knows it too.

I have to go into work early to man the shop whilst others take some paddleboards to be shipped to Little Cayman

In other news, I couldn’t find my coffee cup this morning and I uncovered a diabolical plot to hide my coffee cup, therefore hindering my ability to drink coffee. The saboteurs were of course foiled when I found my cup washed and hidden in the clean dishes strainer. A brilliant plan, hiding it in the last place I would ever look…

I guess I’m feeling pretty dang goofy today. I can’t really tell how I feel, unless I have something to compare with. The blog is a good ‘test point’. Sitting here now, I can remember how it was siting here yesterday and days before.

It is really windy here today. I can here chairs and stuff rocking and rolling on the roof.

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