Your Thursday, My Friday

Tomorrow is my day off, so today is my Friday. Not you though, you suffer one more day before you get your Friday.
I anticipate having an actual day off, for the most part. I have some emails to do with Caytronics and that’s about all.
I’m catching a cold.

Here is a video for you, in compliance with the season of the year. 2 minutes and 37 seconds, by Anna and Arkadiusz Szafraniec, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, on a glass harp. From Neatorama. You know I wouldn’t post it here unless it was very cool!

3 thoughts on “Your Thursday, My Friday

  1. OH!! That was unreal!! and you can drink your keyboard if you get thirsty!!! That was very nifty!I don't know why you'd want to catch a cold for Pete's sake, just let it hit the ground…debbie

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