Stir The Pot

Itsa Wednesday, I feel a calm, which isn’t bad, but the same calmness seems to be preventing me from coming up with a topic for today. It’s like I’m too lazy to stir the thought pot and nothing visible from here seems interesting. Maybe it’s simply NOT ENOUGH COFFEE YET! Maybe it’s Zen.

I haven’t been able to swim at lunchtime for the past two days. Monday the waves were hitting the wall and blasting 15 feet in the air. Yesterday was greatly impoved but still large swells not swimmable. Today should be the day!

There have been high clouds the past few days, and last night was cool and breezy. (Another nice night with no AC needed)

Everything looks clear on the horizon. No news is good news, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, all’s well that ends well, etcetera etcetera amen.

Have a sweet day!

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