Yesterday went well. They were very apologetic. In the end. I called first, and, at their request faxed my letter terminating service. Then I waited about 5 minutes and nothing happened. I called back and said “I been waiting about 5 minutes and nothing has happened yet, we are going to resolve this today”. It turned out the person who answered the phone was the same person who answered in June and told me my money was on it’s way. I said “wait a minute, I’ve already got your name down here, On June 19th you told me. . . .” and I let it go. I had this girl cornered big time.
Then they wanted to go see a particular someone at the “corporate office”. I was there in 10 minutes, asked for the person. The receptionist calls and no answer. She goes back in the back to get this person. She comes back and says the person wants to know what it’s about. I said “It’s about termination of service, on June 6, I’ve called and I’ve faxed and he knows what it’s about and that I’m coming”. This perked up the security guard.
The receptionist came out with about four people. I said “do you want to do this here?” They said yes. I went through date by date, who I talked to and when and they didn’t even put up any argument. They apologized and promised a check by the end of next week.
I worked out pretty well. I had been documenting their screwups for quite some time. They never had a chance, nor could they get a word in edgewise without it being disproved immediately.

This morning I’m taking the OI girl to the airport and tonight I’m going there. She had a two very successful job interviews yesterday, and I think she found the one she’s going to take.
Work is busy with several loose ends to tie up and things are going good. My cold is going away too!

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  1. Sounds like you were ready to throw down with those people! haha!! Glad you got it taken care of and congrats to the OI girl – I hope she has found the right one and that all works out great!