The first pic shows the new antennas on the left and the old antennas on the right. The leg on the left points directly north and has 105.3’s antenna on it. the antenna on the right is for 89.9 FM. See the two guys up there working? I’ve been up there! It’s spooky to me! Maybe I’ll climb up there tomorrow and take some pics for my blog!! Maybe NOT!!!

The second shows the old antennas coming down. Bye antennas!
Good job for 15 or-so years!

Today was an special day at 19.2 degrees north latitude. On the earth, the sun is directly overhead at the tropic of cancer at the minute summer begins. That is the longest day in the northern hemisphere and the shortest day in the southern. (It’s also the first day of winter in the southern hemisphere). Spring and autumn begin the minute the sun passes over the equator, those days are equinox’s, the day and night are equal length. Everywhere on the tropics, the sun passes directly

overhead twice each year. I like to figure out which day it is because I think they’re the best days to go to the beach, so I happened to have in my calendar that it was today at 12:32. As you already read, I was out by the tower, watching the new antenna installation. So I took some pics of the sun as it passed overhead, I mean directly overhead. This would never happen outside the tropics.
The sun isn’t visible in the first pic, but is very close to the teeeny opening you can see at the very top of the tower. (the tower is

like a very tall pyramid, with a straight up and down piece at the top, a 260 feet tall pyramid).

The bottom three pics didn’t come out well because the sun was bright and made the pictures dark, I had to brighten the heck out of them. There were some clouds overhead, and I figured it would ruin the pics, but actually they saved me, because they filtered the sun. The middle one is the best because the clouds are covering about half the sun. The sun is so directly overhead that if you were in the bottom of a well the sun would shine all the way to the bottom, a naked telephone pole would have no shadow at all!

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  1. Cool pictures. They did make me a little dizzy though. Honestly I’m waiting until tomorrow for when you climb up there and take some pics for your blog. Just kidding, Don’t do it! Dude that’s one long tower you have. Yup, that’s a big pole to climb. It’s not the climbing on part I am worried about, it’s the climbing off.

  2. How cool it must be to have the experience of seeing the sun like that. Even if it did happen near me, I would never be in a situation at the right time to get pictures like you did. The towers look very high, and I would not want to be the guys climbing up it. I also wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of where those old antennas land!