Big day workwise

Today new antennas are being mounted on the tower. That means first the old ones have to come down. That means we’ll be off the air at least all day today and probably till lunchtime tomorrow. I get to do several projects I’ve been wanting to do but haven’t been able to because I didn’t want to take us off the air. And I didn’t want to get up in the middle of the night to go take us off the air when we have theoretically the fewest number of listeners. It should be a very good day.

Last night was gas blending night. I went to my dive buddys garage and we blended gas for diving. With diving, nitrogen is increasingly narcotic with depth, not good when you’re diving. Oxygen becomes toxic beyond a certain depth, that depth depends on how much O2 is in the gas you’re breathing. (The max operating depth for air is about 209 feet.) Since air is about 20.9% O2 and 79% N2 (nitrogen), we need another gas to keep the level of either O2 or N2 from getting too high. Helium! Helium is inert, it isn’t narcotic or toxic. It’s a little complex to explain here, but anyway, I have all my diluent bottles and bailout bottles filled and ready to go for some excellent rebreather diving coming up!!

0 thoughts on “Big day workwise

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun — at work and play! Hope all goes well with the installation of the new antennas!!when’s your next big diving adventure? I’d love to see some more really cool pictures!!

  2. Sounds kind of dangerous. You know, like it you mix it improperly you could have some serious problems. You’ll have to let us know how ling you have been diving. Sounds like you are a pro at it. we want to see some pics of the radio station too.

  3. It’s a dangerous life you lead, but I bet you have fun doing what you do. I like to read about your dives.