Sunday picture post

I wasn’t going to post anything today, but I figured it would be easy to post a few pics from yesterdays dives. Especially since I had one that I think turned out cool.

Click all pics to enlarge!!
This is the bow of the Kittiwake, it is from the same pic as the last pic in this post. I kind of bastardized the adjustments…

This is red rope sponge with (I think) the orange is elephant ear. I really like this pic, although as UW photos go, it’s worthless.

This is a moray eel.

above is a juvenile spotted drum. Click pic to get a better view!!!

If you click this picture to enlarge it, you can see a really large grouper hiding in the little ‘cave’

The stern of the Kittiwake. The whole wreck is much closer to the reef and I think it is in much better shape here than where it was before.

This is the bow of the Kittiwake. The first pic of this post came from this one

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