Mean Old Lady

I woke up this morning in a pretty good mood. Jumped in the pool, made the coffee, got dressed and walked the dogs.

I had Ditto and Sheba on their leashes, and this little boy comes out of his house with his little dog. I made Ditto sit next to me, (because Ditto is a true killing machine and NOT to be trusted) . Sheba loves everyone, and she wanted to check out the tiny dog. I had Sheba laying on the road. She was at the end of the leash, pulling as much as she could laying down, trying to get closer to the little dog, who was slowly advancing toward Sheba.

The teeny dog looked like this

Then the mean old lady started talking to the boy in Spanish, and he picked up his dog, gave me a dirty look and went inside.
I asked the lady what she said, and she told me that she said that if the boy didn’t want my dog to eat his dog, he should pick it up.
I told her that that was a mean thing to say, both dogs are on leases, Sheba wouldn’t hurt anybody, and Ditto was with me. I am still pissed off about this.

This is the same mean old lady who told my Wife our cats were getting big enough to eat.

10 thoughts on “Mean Old Lady

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  2. I should tell all my friends to read your blog? I don't think so!! You didn't even read my post! You just pasted your paragraph in my comment section!

  3. My goodness, what a hateful person! I'd sure stear clear of that ole' biddy! If one of your cats comes missing, I'd check her garbage for bones. What a nutty lady! Have your wife bake her a nice cake, perhaps she just needs some "nice" in her life….debbie

  4. Sorry that you had a hard time, don't take it personal, I think just like Debbie said, that lady needs some "nice" in her life.

  5. People just fear things the don't understand, if I saw you and your dogs I would be up a tree, the only time I am not scared of dogs is if the have a muzzle on. But that's mean of her to say about the cats though.

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