I think this is the longest I ever went without posting on my blog. I had the week off last week, as you know. I DID work Saturday.
After not posting for so long, you’d think I’d have alot to write about, but I really don’t. I’v just been getting up at 3:30 to study, going to work, meeting theOI Girl after work and swimming. and going home.
Swimming. I can say something about that. I have one speed. It doesn’t matter if I try to go fast or just cruise, I go almost the same speed. I bust my ass, sprinitng as fast as I can the whole way and wear myself out and get a time about 30 seconds faster than a leisurely slow swim. It desn’t make any sense. AND I don’t win. I know I can go a lot faster than some of the pot bellied persons that beat me.
Soon, the OI Girl will be beating me.

0 thoughts on “Swimming

  1. I predict she will beat you by the end of the month. But don’t worry about it. Sometimes girls are just better than boys. 🙂

  2. I haven’t been posting a lot either lately. Not too much has been going on, so I don’t feel the need to bore people who stop by more than average…

  3. maybe there’s some hydrodynamic advantage to the curvature of the pot belly allowing the body to plane across the surface like a deep vee hull. or maybe the extra bouyancy raises more of the body out of the water for less drag? maybe the opposite, making for some kind of keel effect?-just trying to defend the pot bellies.