TGI Friday!

I’m at work already. This morning, I couldn’t access the page to post a new post or the comments.
I turned off word verification, mostly because I don’t lke filling them out on other blogs. They cotinue to get more ridiculous.
This weekend I am off. Sunday I will be clearing a trail out in the woods. It is called the Mastic Trail. It was blocked by trees after Hurricane Ivan and we went out there and cleared it with chainsaws. I thought it was all done but I got a call to help so I am. I love chainsaws.
Earlier this morning when I wanted to post, I had a lot to say. Now I can’t think of much, so that’ll be it for me today!
Have a great day and weekend!

0 thoughts on “TGI Friday!

  1. Using chain saws are so much fun! I preer gas powered to electric. Electric ones don’t have the same punch. (Am I scaring you yet?)