Green Flash

Yesterday morning, I saw a shooting star, in my bedroom. I was laying in bed, and I saw a streak of light go across the ceiling, it looked exactly like a shooting star. I forgot to post about it yesterday.
Then I took the OI Girl to the airport and had a rough day at work.
Yesterday, the sunset was fantastic. I was at the beach with my dog. Usually, the sun goes behind some clouds on the horizon, even when it seems like a perfectly clear day, the sun goes behind these clouds that seem to appear at the last minute. Yesterday evening, there were no such clouds, and the sun was visible alll the way down. I saw the green flash. Everyone at the beach I was at saw it.
Last night was the astronomical society meeting. It was very good, with a large crowd. I am aching for binoculars. I was going to go with my neighbors friend, V, but she had to work late. So when she got off, we went to the beach for a mini astronomical meeting. The moon here last night was a points-up cresent like the letter U. It was so clear, that as it went down, you could see the points of the cresent even after the botom of the U had gone below the horizon.
Also, at lunchtime I went to the beach for a walk. I saw these people working on their tan. I had to take a picture. I’m trying to think of a title for this picture. Any ideas??

0 thoughts on “Green Flash

  1. Wow! You saw the Green Flash?!? I have yet to see one. It always seemed like some kind of enigma. OK, add that to the list of things I need to see before I die.

  2. What exactly is a green flash? I think those people should have saved their time and stayed in bed. They would have gotten a better tan then they are getting on the beach. Title: Tom and Sally find a way to avoid sunburns.

  3. I think the name the picture should be “Sunscreen SPF 60”. It’s fitting. Green flash? I have never seen that or heard of it. What is it?