Thank God for coffee!

I’m tired, I feel like I’m wearing down. I worked yesterday from 7:30 AM til 9:15 PM. Today looks the same as I’m working tonight. I haven’t been studying, too much work.
No matter how late I stay awake, I wake up at 3 am.
Thank God for coffee!

0 thoughts on “Thank God for coffee!

  1. Sorry but I wish I could wake up at 3am. Waht’s your secret. I am lucky to wake up by 7am. I hate sleeping in but I just can’t seem to get out of bed. It’s this damned Midwest.

  2. I sure hope you can get Community Coffee there. It’s the absolute best coffee in the world.That’s odd about the 3 am thing. That’s about what time I have been GOING to bed, instead of getting up. I like to stay up at night and sleep late.