Blame me if you want

Saturday, when work was doing the power switchover, our competitor lost power too. (Their transmitters are on a tower that is in our yard, while ours are out in the center of the island.)
It never occured to me to tell them about the power switchover. I thought their power came from somewhere else, and they have 220 volts, we don’t even have any 220. The Public Works guy said that he thought their power came from a different feed too. Plus, the power company should have the responsibility to tell their customer about a power interruption, shouldn’t they?
I consider their engineer to be my friend, and I feel bad, because he may not be my friend anymore. If I had thought about it, or even talked to him, I would have mentioned it, but I didn’t talk to him and didn’t even consider that they might loose power too. I didn’t think about them at all. His employer and maybe he thinks we/I tried to purposely screw them over by not telling them, but that’s not the case. I expect I’ll be hearing more about it today.

I decided not to re-start that trig chapter. I muscled my way through the test and have started the next chapter, (which is more trig). I’ll let you know how I did on the test.

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