The OI girl, the actress

The OI girl doesn’t like her job. The company she works for is the same company she worked for on the Other Island, and they created a position for her when she moved because she was such a valuable employee. However, the people here at her new job don’t know that. They have her doing bullshit work and she is unchallenged and bored. At her old job, when the manager was gone, everyone came to her because she could deal with any situation and was naturally and automatically in charge. Even her old boss would (on rare occasions) come to her lost and ask “what should we do?” The OI Girl and her old boss are now the best of friends. Here, the OI Girl doesn’t have a lot of friends. Most of her friends are on the Other Island. When I am crabby or nasty it affects her more than I know. It’s a real challenge for me to not be mean and take out my other problems on her. She always tries to make me happy and she almost always does a good job.
The people she works with now don’t know what they have.
The other day, she said she was thinking about auditioning for a role in a play. She went last night and invited me to go with her. I declined. I want her to make some friends without me there and I also know some of the people involved so I figured she’d be OK. She came home very excited. she got a good part. She’s only in a few scenes but she has a lot of lines. The Play is called “The Judth Code” and her role is Rosie King, an evil journalist.

I’m thinking about showing her my blog, but I’m still leaning more towards not. I’ve never showed it to anyone.

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  1. That sucks about her job. Maybe it’ll just take a while for them to realize that they’re lucky to have her.And good luck to her on the play!

  2. Face it, Mark, you’re damned if you show her the blog, and you’re damned if you don’t and she discovers it. For my tuppence worth, I wouldn’t, at least not until you’ve editted the odd post out and are prepared for her reading it forever more. But then, my track record hints I may not know what I’m talking about ;o)

  3. Interesting that you feel like you have “never shown your blog to anyone” yet I am sure people who know you probably read your blog regularly, probably people you see everyday, you just don’t know it, so I say OI Girl is supposed to be the most important person in your life right now, how come you can share it with the world but not to someone who is so close to you?

  4. Mark, you might as well show her your blog now, cause what will happen if she finds out about it later? Will she think you are trying to hind something?? Share it with her!!