The Social One

Last night at class I introduced myself to someone. We traded names and she seemed kind of familiar and I asked if we’d met before. She said she had seen me around, that I was the “social one”. I was taken aback and kind of walked away in a curving loop back to her and said “I’m not really social, actually, I’m really quite shy.”

Nobody has ever said anything like that about me. The social one Hahahahahaha! I generally see myself as sullen, grumpy, unapproachable, and always alone.

Kind of, if I don’t look directly at it, I can almost see the problem, the insanity, the pieces that don’t fit together. The grumpy bastard and “the social one”. The two extremes with nothing in between. (I’m told there IS nothing in between, but not sure I believe it yet.)

It was an interesting experience. A view from a different angle.

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “The Social One

  1. You never know how people perceive you. A different insight can do wonders. Have a nice day.

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