Long Weekend Friday

Its a long weekend here in Cayman. Monday is Hero’s Day. Hurrah to all Cayman’s heroes!

My goal the weekend is diving.amd yardwork. I also have a workshop on fine tuning the yoga poses. IE doing them properly.


Have a GREAT weekend!

Tension To Tranquility

Today is back to work after a full weekend. Next weekend I have to commit some time to yard work and housework.

Yesterday I attended this workshop. It was very full. To be honest, I wasn’t that impressed. I already knew and incorporate most of the techniques covered. One new one that I like is 54321, list in your head or on paper:

5 things you can see
4 things you can hear
3 things you can feel
2 things you can smell
1 thing you can taste.

this will bring you back to the present moment if you find yourself preoccupied with the past or future. The workshop was good, overall, just for me, not much new.

Happy Monday , have a great week!

Listen Inside

pics from the weekend above.

It was a long, satisfying weekend . Friday was a nice dinner out, Saturday was an invigorating day with a very challenging yoga class and then beach. Sunday was the usual beach yoga and breakfast and then I came home to meet and introduce a new pet sitter to my dogs.

I thought it would be fine to spend a lazy afternoon at home, And it was. I read and took a nap. But later in the afternoon, I started getting a little antsy. I stayed home, but in hindsight, it would have been ok to change my plans and gone out, for a late lunch or maybe take the dogs to the beach.

I realized that it’s sometimes ok to change a plan, AND I learned that I have been somewhat inflexible, especially with myself (nobody else does what I want anyway! HaHa!). Once I make a decision or plan, I tend to not consider that I can change my mind….

Interesting minor revelation.

Happy Monday , have a fantastic week!

Perfect Weekend Past

It was a very active weekend. Friday, as you know was the Yin & Violin event. It was much better than I expected, I was in a very relaxed state quite unusual and different than. Sleep state or meditation state. Amazing.

Saturday midday we had an eclipse. It was about 79% coverage here, but cloudy sometimes. Above are pictures I took with my phone and a welding mask lens.

Saturday night was the Cayman Islands Veterans Association gala. I had a nice.time there too.

I wore my Navy uniform.

Sunday was a beach day, Beach yoga in the morning, then a swim (stand in chest deep water and talk to people) Then coffee and breakfast at the Westin.

I helped.the Rabbi take the Sukkah down in the afternoon. It comes down a lot easier than it goes up!

And this morning I seem to be perfectly on schedule to head off to work.

Have a great week!

Friday The Thirteenth!

it’s Friday the 13th, my lucky day.

I’m looking forward to the weekend.

Tonight is a Yin and Violin event at my yoga place, tomorrow is the Cayman Islands Veterinaria Addiction annual ball.

Should be a good weekend!

The Call Of The Cthulhu

I didn’t like it. But!

I thought Call of Cthulhu was the final book of the challenge… 16, because there was one I DNF (Did Not Finish) so I i lost count somehow.. The total this year is 17, not 18. So far!

And, another milestone

500 days of OM Meditation, standard is 6 minutes a day. 7 minutes a lot of time, never less than 5. Here’s to 500 more!

The tilers are tiling already this morning. They’re supposed to be done today, but who knows? The heat and sun have been more than they expected.

Have a great day!

The Social One

Last night at class I introduced myself to someone. We traded names and she seemed kind of familiar and I asked if we’d met before. She said she had seen me around, that I was the “social one”. I was taken aback and kind of walked away in a curving loop back to her and said “I’m not really social, actually, I’m really quite shy.”

Nobody has ever said anything like that about me. The social one Hahahahahaha! I generally see myself as sullen, grumpy, unapproachable, and always alone.

Kind of, if I don’t look directly at it, I can almost see the problem, the insanity, the pieces that don’t fit together. The grumpy bastard and “the social one”. The two extremes with nothing in between. (I’m told there IS nothing in between, but not sure I believe it yet.)

It was an interesting experience. A view from a different angle.

Have a great day!

No More Lavash Bread

i used to love it, but i don’t know what happened. Now it’s so bland i can’t stand it. It actually depletes the flavor from food, including horseradish.

I just gotta stop using it

Yesterday was International Yoga Day, i did 108 Sun Salutations last night at One Heart. I’m sore today.

Today at work is annual safety training. Also payday. Because of safety training, i can’t go out and to my banking, effectively goofing off half a day. Well played bosses! HA HA!

Have a wonderful day!


This weekend I took the above course at One Heart. It was very informative. It made me aware of how much more there is that I don’t know. The class was an introduction to The Eight Limbs Of Yoga.

I started yoga classes at the adamant insistence of my counselor, who I started seeing because of my divorce, (as I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about by now).I was instantly hooked from my first class. It cleared the wreckage in my mind and gave me peace. It led to the meditation I’ve always sought and given me a path to follow.

After the YST class, i don’t even know why we call yoga (as i always thought of it) yoga. Why don’t we just call it Asana? That’s all we do, I think that’s all most people are aware of.

My objective has always been to do the poses properly, give me precise instructions, give me a checklist. Tell me what to adjust to improve.

Now I am supposed to listen to my body, and accept the instructions i receive. Something like that.

I’ve learned in the past couple years that my “parts” seem to be more “disconnected” what is considered normal, and now i must (continue) working to unify them, now with a whole new set of instructions (guidelines? examples? ideals?) added.

It’s very exciting and somewhat overwhelming. I will rely on the guidance i have been receiving to guide me further.

I mowed the yard Friday afternoon and now, Monday morning, it could stand to be mowed again…

Happy Monday, have a good week!