thunder and my dog

Last night it thundered and rained and my dog woke me up to tell me about it. He sits next to the bed and sticks his face near my head and makes this grunting sound, then when I wake up and turn my head and see his face is about an inch from mine, I jump through the ceiling. Sometimes he licks my nose at the same time I open my eyes for effect.
So I got up and took him for a walk. It was those big tower clouds and clear around them so I could see the stars, clouds and lightning. I saw the Pleiadaes at about 45 degrees up so you know winter is coming.
Now I’m kind of tired. That means extra coffee and I love coffee!!!

You know, blogger has 70 colors, but it doesn’t seem like that many are usable.

0 thoughts on “thunder and my dog

  1. Debi, I thought you were getting more summer than you could handle with all those kids running around! I DO hope you get your own personal summer break!

  2. What a way to wake up. My cat does the staring in your face thing too. Like the colors you had for this post, they were easier to read.

  3. It’s storm season here too, I love it.Although, summer’s too hot and winter is too cold. There’s a week or so in between that is just perfect.

  4. SHHHH! Don’t mention winter!!! I’m hoping if we ignore it, it’ll just stay away! ;)Snowboarding is cool & all, but I’ll take the beach & swimming over that *any* day! 🙂