excellent dream

I had a dream last night that I was swimming through these small streams, maybe a foot deep and two wide. Like a maze. There were friends following me, walking and swimming, but I was just swimming. Then I came to this beautiful fresh water lagoon, the water was blue and the sand was white and there were these big crabs that could walk on the water. It looked a lot like the water on Seven Mile Beach but much clearer and you could see both sides of the lake and I kept tasting the water and it was fresh and tasted good. And it wasn’t a simple round lake it was big and curvy and needed a lot of exploration. I was thinking “how come I never found this place before?”
I hope I can get back there!

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  1. There is alot to be said for dream exploration. It’s all supposed to mean something you know. Maybe you have a deep need to explore?

  2. The unfortunate thing is that (for me anyway) you rarely get to revisit a dream. It would be too convenient to choose your dreams 🙂

  3. Question for you Mark.My dive buddy and I are already talking about our next trip to the lake. There’s been a dive group going out there for… well… a long time, and to make life interesting (because there’s not much in the lake) they’ve sunk a whole bunch of stuff and marked out routes you can follow using “caution” tape (sort of like the police line tape). The boat we found this past weekend is not on a marked route, and for a couple of years we thought it would be entertaining to sink a water cooler down there. I work for a bottled water company so I can easily get a junker with the motor and coolant stripped from it and an empty bottle. We want to sink the cooler between the boat and the nearest item on a route (a floating platform), and make that into a little side trail. How would we go about placing it? Neither of us have done anything like that and we’re not sure about the logistics of hauling something like that underwater.

  4. Well, I guess you’d need a lift bag, probably a 50 or 100 pound one should do. Then tie the bag to the cooler and carry the whole thing into water deep enough to inflate the bag. Then inflate the bag enough to lift the cooler and swim it where you want it. (you have to mainitain neutral buoyancy by adding air as you get deeper or dumping air if you get shallower) Then deflate the bag as you position the cooler how you want it.I wouldn’t use that yellow tape though, I don’t think it would last too long. I’d use yellow nylon rope (it floats) or just get the compass heading.you can email me about this if you want.