todays lunchtime pics

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Spotts Beach

Did anyone loose a boat? I found one!

Ugly Swimmin’ Thing

Tomorrow morning is my second day of turtle nest beach walking! I am supposed to be at the end of Seven Mile Beach at 6 AM! Hope I find a turtle trail and nest!

0 thoughts on “todays lunchtime pics

  1. Awesome pictures Mark!! You really make me realize just how much I could use a vacation. It must be simply amazing to live there and see that gorgeous water everyday. Jealousy is setting in…

  2. Wow, that water looks so beautiful! Hey, did you know you have an air bubble coming out of your nose? Trust me to spot the little things. ;-)I hope you take your camera with you on your turtle search so we can see some pics if you find some. That is such a wonderful thing you are doing for the turtles.

  3. All of you are going to have to come down! Christa, when you learn to fly, you’ll be here, its just a few hours! You can bring everyone with you!

  4. Hey Christa, aftre you pick Beck up in Canada just wing on down to Indiana and pick me up.Mark I just noticed something else about the pic of you underwater. It looks like you don’t have any clothes on. That’s a really cool pic though. Clothes or not.

  5. Love the pics, very pretty. It makes me want to live there. Hey! Would you mind if I moved in with you? I don’t take up much space. Weeee….!P.S. I’m just wondering how expensive it is to live there compared to the U.S.