Todays Mission,

My Vehicle clik to enlarge

Yesterday my vehicle started messing up, when I am driving down the road it slowwwwly seems to go into neutral. Yep, you guessed it, transmission. So today, my mission is get all the scuba gear and other stuff out, put my bicycle in the back, and take it down to the garage, and ride home, stopping by the beach repeatedly. The garage is closed today, but I don’t have time to fool with it in the morning traffic and this way it will be there when they open tomorrow.
I think the transmission filter is clogged, it has fluid, but isn’t flowing properly. I can drive a little, stop, drive a little more and stop. Here is a picture of my car and I, it’s a 1990 Toyota Landcruiser, 2 door (not available in the US), with the straight six engine. I love this car, but worry about how much life it has left in it… When I bought it it had 68000 miles on it, now it has 138000.
Well, gotta go!

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  1. all that was missing from that picture and title was the ‘inspirational adventure’ music! ;)may there be more ‘juice’ left in your car before it’s time to give it a long rest…or may you be enticed by a newer one 😛 (while still cherishing your memories with the previous one!)