Tomorrow is my last day at work. I have several other possibilities for work, nothing in concrete.
I am in a pretty bad mood today, nothing to do with the work situation. I will honestly be glad to be done where I am.
I’m drinking coffee, waiting to go to work. I’m home, thinking “get me the fuck out of here” When I get to work, I’ll be thinking the same thing.

0 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. Ya poor guy! I sure hope you secure a new job quickly.I still think you are just so lucky to be living is such a beautiful place… that must be a tiny consolation?

  2. I believe the last day of a job your leaving is all a like. They don't want you there and you don't want to be there. I think Bob (hubby) has the right approach. Anytime anyone says they are leaving they are gone that minute. Pack up, turn in your keys, computer access stops…your done and outta there. I'm sorry you are losing your job and hope you can find one soon. Too bad your not old enough to just retire. Cheer Up, hopefully better days are coming…debbie