Skinny Dip

I just finished the book, Skinny Dip: by Carl Hiaasen. About this guy who pushes his wife off a cruise ship to kill her, but she doesn’t die, she gets rescued, and her rescuer and she goes and messes with his head.
All Carl Hiaasens books I have read so far have been great. They are funny, and I don’t know the words for what else makes them good. I don’t know how he can think of that stuff. The characters have so much personality. The bad guy in the book is such an idiot it’s funny. The good guys are cool too. There’s this cop, every time he goes home, he gets cornered my this little old lady who hates his pet snakes. You can just imagine him having to put up with the crap.
A lot of his books use the same characters, and so far all I have read have been set in southern Florida, USA.

Definitely worth reading

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