Going To Get Into Football

I decided I’m going to get into football. Real football, not American football.

I’ve been reading a little, trying to grasp the complex league system. And trying to find a couple of teams I like. I found one. Udinese! I have had a pen pal in Udine Italy for years and years, so when I found a team from Udine, I became a fan!


More to follow!

8 thoughts on “Going To Get Into Football

  1. Here is a blog idea for ya. I am speaking for myself here when I tell you that this dumb ass American would like to know the difference? Are you talking about Football as in Rugby? Or are you talking about Futbal as in what we call Soccer?

    I would really like to know because if interested, I would pick a team to follow….

    • Americans call Football soccer. The NFL is not really football. The definition of football is, you can’t use your hands. Futbol is Spanish for football.

  2. Coincidentally, I’ve started watching a few “soccer” matches myself! Barclays Premier League, mostly. I think it’s these sports doldrums. I mean, (American) football is over, and I could care less about regular season basketball. I’m trying to pick a favorite team. I kind of like Tottenham Hotspur so far. And Stoke City. We’ll see.

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