Random Photos.


Grand Cayman Air Traffic Control Tower


I like it when I’m the first in line at this red light. I like to see the radiator cap and coin imbedded in the asphalt.


Trying to take a picture of myself to prove it was so cold I was wearing a jacket, long pants and stocking cap.


Climb up and bring me a coconut.


Weekend sound job


Yesterdays Chair


Travlin Tim and famous relative, who is on TV

8 thoughts on “Random Photos.

  1. the selfie made me smile. 🙂 love the chair, too!

    (i only have a beginner dslr – a nikon d3100 which i still don’t know very well. but i have a wonderful sigma telephoto lens that allows me to catch so much of the wildlife around here – especially from across the pond)

  2. I knew that was a traffic air control tower. Found the radiator cap, but wasn’t sure I was looking at a coin. You almost got the cap into the photo but, I got the picture. We get “cold” here, too. Bring me down a coconut, too. Not sure what a sound job is, but it looks like it’s a job to do with “sound”. Sit me down in the chair by the sea, with the coconut in my hand, please. Travelin Tim looks like he wants to be on TV, too.

  3. I always get a happy feeling when I see a traffic control tower..in the AF Daddy was Control Tower Chief, retired and went to school and then was Flight Control Chief…so I have lots of memories of happy times in those towers..and once in the hall there was a big gum ball machine and thom who was about 4 couldn’t get the gum out and he sort of rattled the big ball of gum and it tipped over and broke and when Daddy came out Thom was on his stomach in middle of the hall trying to scoop them all up into his shirt..he thought he had died and gone to heaven..

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