Tuesday hump day!

It’s Tuesday on a short week.

Today my father in law arrives. My wife and i are going to give them the “good bed” and sleep on an air mattress.

It was very hard to wake up this morning. I think I was chasing a frog in a dream.

I’m drinking coffee and it’s very good.

Yesterday I took the car, because it was supposed to rain. It was sunny all day. Today it’s scooter, no matter what! I feel so “mortal” in the car, stuck in traffic with the common folk. On the scooter, I go around and through like a ghost.

Hope I don’t get wet!

Have a good day!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday hump day!

  1. I remember the freedom of riding a bicycle when I was a kid..road, sidewalk, road…across the fields etc…I want one of those bikes with the basket on the back..but Jamie said people will think I’m ‘special’..I said I am special..and riding a 3wheeler with a basket full of goodies will make me cool..she does not agree.

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