Two weeks off

This morning I took the OI Girl to the airport. She’s gone to Costa Rica for two weeks. Wish I was going. I miss her already, but I can get some extra studying in.

The OI Girl’s pretty much been living with me for a couple of months, but she moved completely out of her apartment yesterday, she gave the landlord the key. She lives with me now.
The OI Girl was leaving her apartment for the last time and she saw her cat, all skinny and dirty. Tica the cat looked at her, but wouldn’t come. Tica got out two months and two days ago. Why does The OI Girl see the cat now? What purpose could God have for showing her her cat at the last possible minute? Tica seems to have turned wild. She was a humane society cat, so she was born wild. I’d think she liked her old life better, all she could eat and a good bed and water.

The OI Girl didn’t like seeing her cat like that, all scrawny and dirty. She says Tica looked at her, then ran away.
She says she doesn’t want to go back there, ever.

But I want to go find the cat.

0 thoughts on “Two weeks off

  1. I want you to go find the cat!! That is very profound that the cat showed up on the day she was moving out. Won’t your dog eat the cat??

  2. That is interesting timing for Tica to show up. Good luck if you choose to search for her!I have been reading backwards through your posts with a partial goal of finding out what OI stands for. I did just run across the story of how you moved to the island! That was a good one!